Metal Design & Prototyping

At Bespoke Fabrications, we can receive your custom drawings in a wide range of formats, from technical drawings to solid model files, together with 3D CAD formats such as DXF, and complete models in STEP or IGES. We can manage your product through its entire life cycle from initial concept, design and development to final production and delivery.

Autodesk inventor software enables the Bespoke Fabrications Design team to call upon its vast experience and expertise to create detailed 3D digital illustrations and designs, turning your vision into reality – as quickly as possible. This is a critical element of any New Product Development (NPD) process.

We also offer Design for Manufacture workshops for our clients to highlight where cost is added and how their concepts can be manufactured as efficiently as possible, fully understanding that our clients have cost challenges and increased customer expectations.

  • What's involved in the sheet metal design process?

  • Design team and sheet metal prototyping

This varies depending on the project and the type of metal product to be manufactured, whether it is a new design or a part that has been manufactured previously. Our clients often have a concept drawing or design idea, and our Design teams’ input is dictated by how accurate and detailed these are.

Often, our Design team will work with the client to visualise the final product based on their conceptual ideas, allowing them to make amendments throughout the process prior to manufacture. Our input throughout is to make recommendations on best methods of manufacture to improve manufacturing efficiency and therefore cost effectiveness.