CNC Laser Cutting

Bespoke Fabrications continue to invest in the very latest technology and have recently installed a brand-new Amada 3kW fibre laser cutting machine capable of cutting 20mm sheet steel complete with an integral loading and stacking system. The laser is the heartbeat of the business, its hugely increased cutting speed and material scope ensures customers receive the highest product quality and service delivery.

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Our CNC laser cutting service has the capacity to process a vast range of material, through a wide range of thicknesses. Our machines offer supreme flexibility, handling profiles from the simplest components to shapes of almost limitless complexity with an accuracy of up to 0.2mm. This versatility extends to both pre-production samples and production batches.

CNC laser cutting also leaves clean edges and a high-quality surface finish, requiring less cleaning or additional surface work. Additionally, we use Nitrogen cutting to eliminate oxidisation at the edges, thereby reducing the required pre-treatment and ensuring work pieces are finished to the highest quality, immediately ready for welding, paint, assembly, or delivery direct to the customer.

Bespoke Fabrications offer the ability to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including a variety of exotic materials.

The laser is an extremely versatile tool which can handle a wide variety of cutting tasks from intricate cutting of the thinnest of sheet material; to quality finished parts in 20mm thick plate.

A focused laser beam strikes the material with such heat that it melts or even vaporises – the beam can then penetrate the workpiece. The cutting process begins as the laser beam moves along the part, melting the material as it goes. Laser cutting is a highly accurate, high-speed process – parts do not suffer from heat distortion due in part to the speed the laser head is travelling.

Our laser cutting capabilities.

Mild Steel: up to 20mm

Stainless Steel: up to 12mm

Aluminium: up to 12mm

Maximum Sheet Size: 3,000mm x 1,500mm