Assembly & Inventory Management

Our product assembly services are designed to ensure client products are built exactly to their specifications and expectations, simultaneously providing confidence that Bespoke Fabrications are handling the complete turnkey solution.

By being in control of each phase of the metal fabrication service, from laser cutting and welding to folding, metal finishing, powder coating and final assembly at our specialist in-house facilities, we can ensure our clients receive their products manufactured to the highest quality and timeliest delivery.

  • Experience

  • Assembly Inventory Management

With years of experience creating end products for clients in a variety of diverse industries, Bespoke Fabrications’ assembly services have you safeguarded. This includes a final stage of inspection to ensure all the components fit together perfectly, delivering a high-quality finished product.


The department also offers inventory management, allowing our clients to benefit from greater economies of scale and faster call off times. Forming a close working relationship, Bespoke Fabrications work with the client to utilise ‘just in time’ and cellular manufacturing principles, allowing for the elimination of waste and providing the availability of the right product(s), in the right place, in the right quantity, at the right time.

By managing client product inventory and working closely as a partnership, both parties can co-operate in the mutual exchange of concepts and ideas, progressively improve the manufacturing and product performance, become more agile in support of fluctuations in demand, and ultimately increase customer service efficiency and overall experience.